richard hoffer

Welcome to the official website of sports journalist Richard Hoffer.

Hoffer has just released his most recent, Bouts of Mania, an examination of Joe Frazier, George Foreman, and Muhammad Ali and the golden age of boxing.

Praise for Bouts of Mania

“Hoffer offers plenty of reasons why we should still remember, and esteem, the lethal trio for more than bucking the draft and hawking stovetop grills . . . Fans of the sweet science should enjoy this shaggy yarn of a bygone contest and era.”
—Kirkus Reviews

“Hoffer’s ‘Bouts of Mania” is an entertaining reminder of the days when fighting had the power to thrill the country and cause riots at the same time. . . ‘Bouts of Mania’ honors their struggles with lovely prose. It was often observed that while boxing was the most brutal of sports, it inspired much of the best sportswriting . . . Hoffer’s new book continues that fine tradition.”
—Boston Globe

“Hoffer, a former senior writer for Sports Illustrated and a premier boxing scribe, knows how a boxing match can get under the skin of a fan, or of an entire nation, for that matter.”

“Hoffer argues that the simultaneous presence of Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier and George Foreman in boxing’s heavyweight division during the early ‘70s was extraordinary. He’s right . . . Hoffer’s reach is grand and worthy of consideration. At the very least, he has joined the many other writers who have found in boxing inspiration to write powerfully and well.”
—Only a Game, NPR

“Richard Hoffer’s book is a tale of three men and three fights, each so momentous that there is little risk of tedium in the retelling and no need for new angles. It is revealing detail, fine writing and insight into character that is required, and the author, a writer for Sports Illustrated, delivers on every count.”
—The Sunday Times (UK)